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Introducing the Vela Contour 4D Firm Mask - the new wave of anti-aging masks. Experience a new beginning with this bio cellulose hydrogel mask that provides a range of benefits, including facial firming, deep hydration, and instant lifting.

This quadruple-layered mask has the strength of a hydrogel formula and bio cellulose, ensuring a long-lasting moisturizing and firming effect without any residues on the skin. With just a single sheet of the Vela Contour 4D Firm Mask worn for 15 minutes, you can achieve clearing porcelain-like skin and silky smooth skin.

Step 1 of the Vela Contour 4D Firm Mask involves the use of the hydrogel formula and bio cellulose that provide a long-lasting firming and moisturizing effect without leaving any residue on the skin.

Step 2 involves the use of firming cream, which maintains the effect of the firm mask for up to 48 hours. This anti-aging formula is completed with 1% flax seed extract, 1% Lys'lastin V, two ferments, Agar, Carob Gum, Baicalensis Root, and Houttuynia, ensuring that you achieve the best results for your sk