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Yashuv is cosmeceutical brand
who thoroughly comprehends dermatology and life science.

We study action mechanisms of skin aging and trouble, to develop solutions.
We do care about human being, environment, and sound beauty
for all.
Star Active Ingredient - smEGF®

smEGF® is a star active ingredient used in Yashuv's cosmeceutical products. It is a patented ingredient that can activate the EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) receptor in the skin, which is responsible for maintaining skin homeostasis, promoting cell growth and differentiation.

As we age, the natural level of EGF in our skin decreases exponentially, leading to slower regeneration and dull, tired-looking skin. smEGF® acts as a substitute for EGF and helps to promote the growth and survival of skin cells, leading to improved skin texture, radiance, and overall health.

Yashuv Rejuvenating Fluid
Yashuv's range of products have been clinically tested and results reflect an improvement in wrinkle depth, dermal density, skin hydration levels, hydration level under stratum corneum, itch density, sleep disturbance, scalp scale control & hair loss. 


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