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Bellboy Studio Gentle Rob All-In-One Wash: A Delicate Symphony of Care for Little Ones


Give your little ones the care they deserve with Bellboy Studio's Gentle Rob All-In-One Wash. This thoughtfully crafted wash is not just a cleanser; it's a symphony of gentle ingredients, ensuring your child's skin gets the love it needs.


Key Features:


1. Plant-Infused Face Wash:

   The magic begins with face wash ingredients extracted from plants. Natural goodness is blended into every drop, offering a pure and refreshing cleansing experience for your child's delicate skin.


2. Acid Balanced Hypoallergenic Formula:

   Say goodbye to worries about skin irritations. Our All-In-One Wash boasts an acid-balanced, hypoallergenic formula, carefully curated to be gentle on your little one's skin. It's a wash that cleanses without compromise.


3. Moisturizing Magic with Rice Bran Oil:

   Enriched with rice bran oil, this wash goes beyond cleansing. It's a moisturizing ritual that keeps your child's skin supple and nourished. Experience the joy of bath time with a product that cares for the skin while ensuring cleanliness.


4. Soothing Lavender and Calendula Extracts:

   Lavender and calendula extracts add a touch of soothing magic to each wash. These natural ingredients work harmoniously to calm the skin, making bath time a serene and enjoyable experience.


5. Nature Mandarin Fragrance:

   Infused with the invigorating fragrance of nature mandarin, this wash transforms each bath into a delightful adventure. Watch as your child discovers the joy of cleanliness with a hint of citrus freshness.


Bellboy Studio's Gentle Rob All-In-One Wash is more than a product; it's a nurturing companion in your parenting journey. Elevate bath time into a cherished ritual with the essence of nature and the gentle touch of Bellboy Studio. Because every bath should be a moment of joy.


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Bellboy Studio Gentle Rob All in One Wash

  • Bellboy Studio: Nurturing Skincare Crafted by a Children's Book Author

    At Bellboy Studio, we believe that every child deserves the purest care for their delicate skin. Founded by a children's book author and devoted mom, our brand is a testament to the unique perspective of parenting in a city filled with environmental challenges. For moms raising little ones with atopy, we understand the additional complexities.

    Bellboy Studio emerged from the desire to create products that bring joy to both moms and children. Beyond cosmetics, we aspire to be a brand that crafts 'happiness.' A meticulous two-year development journey culminated in the fusion of three vital elements – verified safe ingredients, expertise from Korea's best cosmetics specialists, and delightful designs adored by children.

    Our lovable characters, inspired by familiar animals, are not just charming faces on packaging but protagonists of a storybook. We believe in a holistic approach to skincare, combining the application of cosmetics with storytelling to encourage healthy skin practices.

    Bellboy Studio products have been meticulously developed using patent technologies and ingredients from Cosmax Co., ensuring not just safety but also effective moisturization and soothing properties for tender baby skin. Join us in creating a future where every child experiences happiness through Bellboy Studio.


  • All ingredients are purified water, cocamidopropyl betaine, disodium laurethyl sulfone sulfonate, disodium cocoa ampodiacetate, potassium cocoyl glycinate, lauryl glucoside, sodium chloride, coca MJ, cocoa-betaine, Philippine orange peel oil, quillaza peel extract, lavender flower/leaf/stem extract, oat kernel extract, soap grass leaf extract, rice bran seed oil, birch sap, potmarigold flower extract, aspartic acid, cocoa-glucoside, polysorbate 20, glycerin, sodium cocorice, 1,2-sodium diol, butylene glycol, glycol, citric acid, capryllic/capric triglyceride, dipropylene glycerol, fenthylene glycol, glycerol, disodium 

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