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Say hello to radiant, sun-kissed skin with Bidalli's Vegan Tone Up Vita-C Glow Sun Lotion. This smart sun lotion isn't just about shielding your skin from harmful UV rays; it's a multi-tasking marvel that also revitalizes and evens out your skin tone for a natural, luminous glow.


🌞 Strong UV Protection: Bidalli's Sun Lotion is your daily defense against the sun's harsh rays. It provides robust UV protection, safeguarding your skin from sun damage.


✨ Natural Tone-Up Effect: Bidalli's innovative formula doesn't just protect; it perfects. It enhances your skin's natural beauty, smoothing out uneven and dull skin tones, leaving you looking naturally radiant.


🌿 Light & Comfortable: Bidalli's Sun Lotion boasts a light texture that ensures a fresh, non-greasy finish. It absorbs effortlessly, ensuring a comfortable application every time.


💚 100% Vegan & EWG Green: Bidalli is committed to clean, eco-conscious skincare. This sun lotion is crafted from 100% vegan ingredients, and it's EWG Green-certified, giving you peace of mind for your skin and the environment.

Step into the sun with confidence and radiance, courtesy of Bidalli Vegan Tone Up Vita-C Glow Sun Lotion. Protect, perfect, and enjoy sun-kissed skin like never before.

Bidalli Vegan Tone Up Vita-C Glow Sun Lotion

  • Discover the essence of pure, unadulterated skincare with Bidalli, now available at SeoulSkin Australia. Our firm philosophy is grounded in the unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of natural ingredients to nurture your skin.

    🌱 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Bidalli embraces a compassionate approach, offering a formula that's 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Our commitment to ethical beauty ensures that no harm comes to our animal friends.

    🍃 Back to Basics: Bidalli knows that simplicity often holds the key to skincare perfection. We stick to the basics, using gentle ingredients sourced from nature to enhance your skin's health.

    💎 Authentic & Safe: Bidalli is all about authenticity. We believe that the best skincare is the kind that is safe for your skin. That's why we use only ingredients that have passed rigorous safety tests, so you can indulge in our products with confidence.

    🌿 Clean Beauty, Pure Confidence: Bidalli is your go-to clean beauty brand. Our products are designed to be gentle even on sensitive skin, bringing out your natural radiance without compromise.

    Experience Bidalli's commitment to nature's finest, a brand that offers you the beauty of clean, vegan skincare that's safe, effective, and authentic.

    Welcome to the world of Bidalli—where the beauty of nature meets the purity of your skin.

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