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Introducing RECORE Bouncing Cushion Pad - the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. This innovative cushion pad is specially designed for use with Corefl multi-performing double-effect ampoule and is equipped with an air-hole sponge sheet that quickly absorbs small amounts of toner, making it a versatile and multi-use utility item.


One of the main features of this bouncing cushion pad is the air-hole sponge sheet, which is designed to save toner and ampoule while providing a soft, bouncing cushion texture that feels gentle on the skin. With this cushion pad, you can wet a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of toner and tap it lightly on the skin for absorption or use it to gently wipe off and absorb into the skin.


The RECORE Bouncing Cushion Pad can also be used as a pack by putting a lot of toner on a cotton pad and placing it on a dry area. When using it with the colostrum ampoule, lightly mix the ampoule, take an appropriate amount on the Bouncing Cushion Pad, and wipe along the skin texture. Please note that when used for cleansing, the content may seep out, so it is recommended to be used only for skincare.


Made from a blend of pulp and rayon, this cushion pad is a moisture-intensive pad that can be used for smooth skin texture care. Measuring 50*70mm, this cushion pad is recommended for those who consider cotton pads that dry quickly to be uncomfortable, those who want to use it moist for a long time with a small amount of toner, and those who need a cotton pad for moisture-intensive care.


In summary, if you're looking for a versatile and multi-use utility item that can help you save on toner and provide a soft, bouncing cushion texture, the RECORE Bouncing Cushion Pad is the perfect choice for you.

RECORE Bouncing Cushion Pad

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