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Introducing the Muldream Brightening Glow Serum - AHA & Vitamin C, the ultimate solution to achieving a glowing and healthy-looking skin. This tone-up serum is a must-have in your skincare routine if you're looking for a product that can improve your skin tone, while providing deep hydration and a smooth complexion. 


Formulated with plant-derived ingredients, this serum is mild and vegan, making it suitable for all skin types. The key ingredient, AHA, helps in mild exfoliation, managing skin texture, and strengthening your skin barrier. It also contains Vitamin C, which is known to brighten and give a healthy glow to your skin. 


This serum is perfect for controlling sebum and taking care of the oil-moisture balance of your skin. Its quickly absorptive, transparent, light, and fresh texture makes it easy to apply and is perfect for those who don't like scented products. Its light yellow color indicates the natural color of the product due to its high concentration of plant-based ingredients. 


Muldream Brightening Glow Serum - AHA & Vitamin C is free from alcohol, paraben, and PEG, and has been certified as vegan and cruelty-free. It's a deep hydration serum that can be used daily for best results. 


This serum is perfect for those looking for a brightening and hydrating solution to achieve healthy-looking skin. Get yours now and enjoy the benefits of a glowing complexion. Shop now at SeoulSkin Australia, your go-to retailer for Korean Skincare products. 

Muldream Brightening Glow Serum

$35.80 Regular Price
$25.88Sale Price
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  • Muldream stands for "My Urban-life Dream".

    Our goal is to provide a safe and healing skincare for skin exposed to harmful external stimuli. We want to make urban living life work for you and your skin, not with exaggerating words or marketing but by making a pledge to deliver the safest, pure yet strong ingredients.

    Make your urban life dream come true with Muldream. 

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