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  • From the OG manufacturer and purveyor of Snail Mucin, and supplier of Snail Mucin to other top skincare brands.


  • This is an essence made with 100% extract of Mucopolysaccharide Snail Secretion, which helps to reduce premature signs.


  • No additives, dilution to formula. 100% concentration of Snail Mucin (not 96)


  • Contains Chondroitin Sulfate, which repairs your skin and relieves various skin concerns.


  • Infused with mucus collected from 6-months-old snails, which havs the highest concentration of Chondroitin Sulfate for the best effect.


  • Passed in clinical tests.


NOTSEEBACK Drop In Muco Snail

  • Taking a minimalist approach to skin care, NOTSEEBACK’s single ingredient products maximize the efficacy of raw materials and tailor to different skin concerns.

    As the Korean skin care brand’s name suggests, product details are printed on the front of packaging instead of the back for easy reference.

    The 100% Korean-made products are produced using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, and without artificial additives. In addition, the formulas are all housed in eco-friendly bottles.

    Bestsellers include the One Shot Cape Aloe, the Two Shot Tangerine Vinegar and the Drop In Salmon Glycan.

    It is recommended to mix NOTSEEBACK’s products with your routine essences or face creams for more customized and effective skin care solutions. 


    SeoulSkin is an authorised distributor and retailer of NOTSEEBACK in Australia & Singapore.

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