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[SKIN PROTECTING] - The main cabbage extract includes vitamin A, C, K, & antioxidants that protect the skin from free-radical damage. Additional sulfur in cabbage is proven to be useful in improving blemishes and dark spots.

[8 LAYERS OF HYALURONIC ACID] - Hydrating the skin by locking in moisture, and repairing & replumping the skin.

[SUCRALFATE-SMEDDS SOLUTION] - 10 times more stronger than CICA, Sucralfate, protects and fights off free-radicals while instantly soothing irritation and redness.

Genabelle Cabbage 73 Calming Cream

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$46.80Sale Price
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  • Gena” is Latin for “face”

    Belle” means “beautiful” in French

    Experience what it is like to realize your own beauty. Set your own standards of what is beautiful and understand the joy of looking into the mirror and seeing your beauty just the way you are. Genabelle knows that the only true value lies in appreciating and experiencing your own beauty as it is.In these changing times and environments, Genabelle strives to provide you with a better skin experience. Encounter the next level of valuing your own beauty.


    Genabelle is a high-functioning derma-cosmetics brand that provides healthy skin balance solutions with specialized ingredients and technology through research and development of skincare, all based on the founding dermatologists' expertise and experience.

    Focusing on the keyword “skin problem”, Genabelle offers specialized skincare products while remaining true to the term “dermatology brand” by always paying attention and responding to the ever-changing problems of skincare in this constantly changing environment we live in.

    Genabelle Group, which has more than 30 dermatological networks nationwide, contains 700,000 annual skin data, six dermatologists' dermatological knowledge, and years of know-how, led to the creation of the clinical skincare brand "Genabelle."

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