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Experience the cleansing power of ABpharm Derma Salt Cleanser, now available on SeoulSkin Australia. This hypoallergenic and subacid foaming cleanser is formulated with excellent cleansing capability, ensuring a thorough removal of makeup and fine dust. The secret lies in the amazing brine water sourced from 450 meters underground in Göttingen, Germany, known as Luisenhal Derma Salt. This incredible mineral salt, derived from the primitive ocean inside the rock salt layer, works wonders in maintaining moisture and soothing the skin during the cleansing process. 


ABpharm's Derma Beauty line is the result of 30 years of intensive research and cohesive technology, developed with the CEO's family in mind. The cleanser's slightly acidic formula protects the skin barrier and has received an 'Excellent' grade in the German Dermatest. It has also undergone suitability tests for sensitive skin, proving its efficacy and hypoallergenic nature. With a focus on natural ingredients, the cleanser utilizes sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, a gentle surfactant extracted from apples, to cleanse the skin without causing any burden.


Enriched with aloe vera leaf extract, known for its healing properties dating back 6,000 years, this cleanser offers additional benefits for your skin. Suitable for all age groups and skin types, including hyper-sensitive skin, ABpharm Derma Salt Cleanser provides a comprehensive skincare solution. Clinically proven with 12 efficacy tests, it improves moisturization, makeup cleansing, fine dust cleansing, skin tone, brightness, whiteheads, pores, dead skin cells, skin texture, soothes the skin, immediate sebum removal, and enhances skin elasticity.

ABpharm Derma Salt Cleanser

  • Experience the No.1 Derma Salt Care by ABpharm, now available on SeoulSkin Australia. Created with the mission to protect the CEO's children with problematic skin, ABpharm is a K-Derma beauty brand that offers sustainable balance and stability through the harmonious blend of essential life elements and natural ingredients. With a focus on healthy and clean formulations, ABpharm's products have received excellent ratings from Dermatest, Germany, and have completed hypoallergenic tests in Korea. Discover the power of their ultimate ingredients, including Luisenhal Derma Salt, Omega CH Activator® F, Palmaria Palmata, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glutathione. Embrace a minimalist approach to skincare with ABpharm and unlock healthier skin. Recognized with awards and certifications, ABpharm is the choice for all skin types, including hyper-sensitive skin. Shop now and experience the transformative skincare journey with ABpharm on SeoulSkin Australia.

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