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  • 9 SHOT KIT: Curated for those who travel frequently and face skin ailments such as dry skin, skin breakouts while wearing a mask. It is the kit that consists of 5 ONE SHOT 100-Toner products and 4 TWO SHOT Ferment 100-Toner products, and all of them are original NOTSEEBACK products with each coming in a travel-size 20ml bottle. 
  • CONTENT OF CARE: This face care kit includes Two Shot Brown Algae, One Shot Vitamin Tree, One Shot Yellow Bean, One Shot Malotus, Two Shot Galactomyces, Two Shot Omifruit, One Shot Sprout, Two Shot Tangerine Vinegar, and One Shot Cape Aloe. Each bottle consisting of 20 ml. ready to use facial care solution. 
  • RELAX, REFRESH, REJENUVATE: Not see Back travel kit is formed with utmost care and precision, with each serum bottle delivering perfect results. This skincare routine will secure moisture on your skin throughout the day while ensuring skin rejuvenation by removing the dormant skin cells. 
  • IMPROVED ABSORPTION BETTER NOURISHMENT: NotseeBack toner kit is formulated with a lowered molecular weight that gets easily absorbed in your skin. This face nourishment helps lock in moisture inside the body by being combined with a lot of water, protects the cells from the external shock, and increases elasticity. 
  • EASY TO USE CRUELTY-FREE FORMULA: At NotseeBack, we are devoted to bringing you quality products without damaging the environment. Our face toner set does not contain any synthetic additives or parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, or sulfates. The perfect personal care toner gets easily absorbed to give you shinier, more youthful, and gorgeous-looking skin.


*existing inventory best before 24 Sep 2023


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  • Taking a minimalist approach to skin care, NOTSEEBACK’s single ingredient products maximize the efficacy of raw materials and tailor to different skin concerns.

    As the Korean skin care brand’s name suggests, product details are printed on the front of packaging instead of the back for easy reference.

    The 100% Korean-made products are produced using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, and without artificial additives. In addition, the formulas are all housed in eco-friendly bottles.

    Bestsellers include the One Shot Cape Aloe, the Two Shot Tangerine Vinegar and the Drop In Salmon Glycan.

    It is recommended to mix NOTSEEBACK’s products with your routine essences or face creams for more customized and effective skin care solutions. 


    SeoulSkin is an authorised distributor and retailer of NOTSEEBACK in Australia & Singapore.

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