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Introducing VELY VELY Prestige Collagen Age Cream Mist - the ultimate solution to early-stage skin aging! This luxurious cream mist is an anti-aging powerhouse that provides whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits, making it perfect for beginners in the world of anti-aging cosmetics.


Formulated with hydrolyzed collagen and patented peptide, this cream mist helps to improve skin elasticity, leaving it looking firm and youthful. It also contains white truffle extract and gold extract, which work together to remove active oxygen and prevent skin aging. The cream mist is available in two different formulations, both of which provide intense moisture and a luxurious texture.


VELY VELY Prestige Collagen Age Cream Mist is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its injection type container. Simply hold it away from your face and mist sparingly, allowing it to absorb into your skin. Use it as the last step in your basic skincare routine for best results.


Not only has this cream mist undergone anti-aging clinical testing, but it has also passed an irritation test, ensuring that it is gentle and safe for even the most sensitive skin. Get ready to say goodbye to early-stage skin aging with VELY VELY Prestige Collagen Age Cream Mist!

VELY VELY Prestige Collagen Age Cream Mist


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