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Indulge in a romantic skin care experience with ALIVE:LAB's True Love Story Of Toner. This water-type, hypo-allergenic moisturizing toner is formulated with the goodness of cabbage rose water and eucalyptus leaf oil, creating a captivating blend that revitalizes and refines your skin.


Moisturizing and Revitalizing Freshness of Rose Extract: Enriched with the essence of western rose water, this toner provides your skin with the vitality it craves. Experience the soothing, moisturizing, and revitalizing properties of rose extract, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Ultra-Hydrate for Silky, Hydrated Skin Texture: The True Love Story Of Toner works its magic to refine your skin to a silky-smooth texture. With every application, experience the ultra-hydrating benefits that nourish and hydrate your skin from within, unveiling a complexion that exudes natural radiance.


Minimize Sensitivity and Improve Skin Texture: Embrace a daily skincare routine that promotes healthy skin by minimizing sensitivity and improving skin texture. The western rose water in this toner works wonders in enhancing your skin's overall appearance, leaving it looking clear and vibrant.


Oil Ingredient of Eucalyptus Leaves for Vitality and Skin Tone Improvement: Infused with the natural goodness of eucalyptus leaf oil, this toner breathes life into tired skin, providing it with much-needed vitality. Additionally, the oil ingredient works to improve skin tone, revealing a more even and luminous complexion.


Unveil the true love story of your skin with ALIVE:LAB's True Love Story Of Toner. After cleansing, simply apply an appropriate amount onto your face and gently pat for absorption. Elevate your skincare journey and experience the transformative effects of this romantic toner, now available on SeoulSkin Australia!

ALIVE:LAB The True Love Story Of Toner

  • Welcome to the world of ALIVE:LAB, where flawless skin is the foundation, even with just BB cream. Our brand is dedicated to fulfilling your dream of achieving clear, healthy, and transparent skin, addressing your individual skin concerns with utmost care.

    At ALIVE:LAB Cosmetics, we believe in the power of natural components that excel in skin improvement, combined with an in-depth knowledge of skin. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to deliver effective and transformative results, all while considering the unique needs of your skin.

    We understand the importance of protecting sensitive and tender skin, aiming to unveil a smooth and pure complexion that becomes a promise for everyone. ALIVE:LAB stands firmly behind its commitment to providing skincare solutions that cater to a diverse range of skin types, ensuring that you can confidently embrace your natural beauty.

    As an esteemed addition to SeoulSkin Australia's selection, ALIVE:LAB invites you to explore our range of products, carefully designed to enhance your skincare journey. Say hello to the radiant, confident version of yourself as you delve into the world of ALIVE:LAB and experience the promise of clear, healthy, and transparent skin.

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