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Introducing ALIVE:LAB Multi ICE Cream, your go-to solution for calming and refreshing troubled skin. If you're seeking relief from the discomfort of heat sensation and sensitive skin, this cream is your oasis of cooling nourishment.


The Power of Glacier Water from Canada


Infused with glacier water from the pristine landscapes of Canada, this cream brings a burst of revitalizing coolness to your skin. The abundance of mineral ingredients in the glacier water provides unparalleled hydration, quenching your skin's thirst for moisture.


Radiant Skin with Glacier Milk


ALIVE:LAB Multi ICE Cream goes the extra mile with its inclusion of glacier milk from Canada. Rich in oxygen and nutrients, this exceptional ingredient contributes to a radiant and glowing complexion, ensuring your skin stays healthy and vibrant.


Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate - A Nutritional Boost for Your Skin


Dry and sensitive skin? Worry no more! The Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate in this cream provides the much-needed nutrition to soothe and moisturize your skin. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a healthy, nourished complexion.


A Cooling Embrace for Troubled Skin


The ALIVE:LAB Multi ICE Cream is meticulously crafted to deliver a cooling embrace for troubled skin. Whether you're dealing with redness, irritation, or the aftermath of sun exposure, this cream works diligently to soothe and calm your skin, giving you a sense of relief like never before.


Unveil the Delight of Refreshed Skin


With ALIVE:LAB Multi ICE Cream, pamper your skin with the joy of a refreshed and revitalized feel. Embrace the natural power of glacier water and Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate to transform your skincare routine into an invigorating experience.


Say hello to radiant, moisturized, and healthy skin with ALIVE:LAB Multi ICE Cream. Experience the magic of this cooling oasis, now available for purchase on SeoulSkin Australia. Refresh your skin, refresh your soul.


$25.00 Regular Price
$20.60Sale Price
  • Welcome to the world of ALIVE:LAB, where flawless skin is the foundation, even with just BB cream. Our brand is dedicated to fulfilling your dream of achieving clear, healthy, and transparent skin, addressing your individual skin concerns with utmost care.

    At ALIVE:LAB Cosmetics, we believe in the power of natural components that excel in skin improvement, combined with an in-depth knowledge of skin. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to deliver effective and transformative results, all while considering the unique needs of your skin.

    We understand the importance of protecting sensitive and tender skin, aiming to unveil a smooth and pure complexion that becomes a promise for everyone. ALIVE:LAB stands firmly behind its commitment to providing skincare solutions that cater to a diverse range of skin types, ensuring that you can confidently embrace your natural beauty.

    As an esteemed addition to SeoulSkin Australia's selection, ALIVE:LAB invites you to explore our range of products, carefully designed to enhance your skincare journey. Say hello to the radiant, confident version of yourself as you delve into the world of ALIVE:LAB and experience the promise of clear, healthy, and transparent skin.

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