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Experience deep nourishment for your eyes and skin with Miryeo Propolis Eye Cream. This gentle and sensitive skin-friendly formula is enriched with propolis, green bean plant extract, and active ingredients to provide balanced care for your skin. Say goodbye to dark circles and wrinkled skin around the eyes as this eye cream helps improve the appearance of newly formed wrinkles. Infused with royal jelly, soybean seed extract, and cypress leaf extract, it moisturizes, softens, and combats dryness while reducing signs of fatigue. The special design of Miryeo ensures deep penetration of the essence into the skin, while the metal roller head provides a cooling and relaxing massage.

Miryeo Propolis Eye Cream

  • Miryeo combines nature and science to create transformative skincare solutions. Our premium products feature key ingredients like propolis, known for its antioxidant and healing properties, and hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates and reduces wrinkles. Experience nourished, radiant skin with Miryeo's powerful essentials. Elevate your skincare with Miryeo and unlock your natural beauty.

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