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Experience the transformative power of ABpharm Derma Salt Hyaluronic Ampoule Toner, now available on SeoulSkin Australia. This extraordinary toner surpasses the benefits of ampoules, offering a unique blend of amazing brine water sourced from 450 meters underground in Göttingen, Germany, three types of hyaluronic acid, and the rejuvenating spirit of the forest. 


Formulated with cohesive technology developed over 30 years of intensive research, this toner combines the mysterious derma salt derived from primitive seawater with the invigorating properties of cypress water, green tea water, and oxygen water. The result is a skin life fluid water that instantly revitalizes and clarifies the complexion, leaving it more radiant and gorgeous.


ABpharm Derma Salt Hyaluronic Ampoule Toner boasts quick absorption, delivering elasticity and a natural glow as soon as it touches the skin. It provides a spa-like experience in a clean forest environment, ensuring safety even for extremely sensitive skin. With a slightly acidic pH, this toner protects the skin barrier and has received an "Excellent" grade in the German Dermatest. It has also undergone suitability tests for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic tests, proving its efficacy and safety.


The main ingredients of this remarkable toner include Luisenhal Derma Salt, an incredible mineral salt sourced from the primitive ocean layers deep underground in Göttingen, Germany. Hyaluronic acids of three types create a gelatinous structure that enhances the skin's elasticity and firmness. Additionally, the blend of cypress water, green tea water, and oxygen water purifies the skin and infuses it with new vitality.


In clinical trials, ABpharm Derma Salt Hyaluronic Ampoule Toner has demonstrated exceptional efficacy. It surpasses ampoules, offering soothing and improvement for heat (UV)-stimulated skin, instant luster improvement, TEWL (transepidermal water loss) improvement, and enhanced moisturization. This toner is suitable for use on sensitive skin, as confirmed by hypoallergenic tests with a rating of '0.00' for skin irritation.


Unlock the full potential of this toner with some useful tips. Condition your skin by gently applying the toner-soaked cotton pad after cleansing and removing makeup. Incorporate it into your skincare routine by using it before applying creams or ampoules. Reapply whenever your skin feels dry or sensitive. Don't forget to pamper your body skin by using this toner after bathing for a complete skincare experience.

ABpharm Derma Salt Hyaluronic Ampoule Toner

  • Experience the No.1 Derma Salt Care by ABpharm, now available on SeoulSkin Australia. Created with the mission to protect the CEO's children with problematic skin, ABpharm is a K-Derma beauty brand that offers sustainable balance and stability through the harmonious blend of essential life elements and natural ingredients. With a focus on healthy and clean formulations, ABpharm's products have received excellent ratings from Dermatest, Germany, and have completed hypoallergenic tests in Korea. Discover the power of their ultimate ingredients, including Luisenhal Derma Salt, Omega CH Activator® F, Palmaria Palmata, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glutathione. Embrace a minimalist approach to skincare with ABpharm and unlock healthier skin. Recognized with awards and certifications, ABpharm is the choice for all skin types, including hyper-sensitive skin. Shop now and experience the transformative skincare journey with ABpharm on SeoulSkin Australia.

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