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Youlief Waterproof Suncream: Your Vacation Essential for Ultimate UV Protection


Product Characteristics:

- 500% Lemon Extract: Experience the power of a Vitamin explosion with our suncream enriched with Lemon Extract. This incomparable vitamin source delivers instant energy and soothing effects to skin exposed to strong UV rays during your vacation.

- Natural Soothing Energy from Africa: Unlike typical California Aloe, our suncream harnesses the special skin balance and energy of African Aloe. Enduring tropical climates, this ingredient provides exceptional nourishment and revitalization.

- Suitable for All Skin Types: With a lightweight and gentle formula, our suncream is suitable for both oily and dry skin types. Enjoy worry-free protection during your vacation without feeling heavy or greasy on your skin.


We Recommend It to People Like This:

- Those who need a waterproof sun cream that withstands sweat and water.

- Those who are concerned about white-cast in vacation photos.

- Those who desire a non-sticky and lightweight sun cream even in hot weather.

- Those who seek a hypoallergenic sun cream that is gentle on the eyes.


Things to Note:

- Chemical Sun Cream: Our suncream is a chemical formulation that leaves no white-cast and does not irritate the eyes.

- Suitable for Sensitive Skin: It has undergone dermatological testing and is confirmed as a hypoallergenic product.

- Water Resistance: Tested for water resistance, our suncream stays intact even when exposed to water and sweat.


Key Ingredient Efficacy/Effects:

1. Suppress UV Aging: Our suncream effectively combats UV-induced skin aging.

2. Elasticity & Hydration: Experience improved skin elasticity and hydration.

3. Vitamin C Bomb: Packed with Vitamin C, our suncream provides a powerful antioxidant boost.

4. Anti-Inflammatory: Enjoy the soothing benefits of our suncream, which helps reduce inflammation.

Embrace worry-free sun protection with Youlief Waterproof Suncream. With its high SPF50+ PA++++ rating, it offers superior sun protection, whitening benefits, and wrinkle improvement. Tested for hypoallergenic dermatology and water resistance, it ensures long-lasting and effective defense against harmful UV rays. Make it your go-to suncream for your next vacation!

Youlief Waterproof Suncream

  • Introducing Youlief, a brand dedicated to preserving youthful skin with its unique anti-aging technologies developed by Plcoskin. Say goodbye to conventional approaches and embrace efficient yet casual anti-aging solutions like never before. Youlief caters to consumers seeking professional skincare experiences in the comfort of their own homes.


    Our Journey:

    Youlief stems from the extensive research and cutting-edge technologies of its parent company, Plcoskin. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, we have developed products that address your specific concerns. As a professional brand committed to enhancing the quality of skincare, Youlief combines expertise and innovation to bring you remarkable results.


    Ceaseless Research:

    At the Plcoskin laboratory, our team is constantly exploring new materials with the potential to reverse skin aging fundamentally. Drawing inspiration from the works at prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins and Yonsei Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery, we strive to lead the future of skin aging research. Our aim is to restore aged cells to their youthful state and redefine the possibilities of anti-aging skincare.


    Investment in Great Value:

    Youlief directs 90% of its revenue toward vital biological research. Plcoskin is actively involved in developing a scaffold for treating breast cancer, the most prevalent cancer among women worldwide. By creating a safer and more cost-effective alternative to the current cadaver scaffold, we aim to alleviate the insurance burden and facilitate a smooth return to ordinary life.


    Meet the CEO - Baek Woo-yeol:

    With a background in plastic surgery and extensive experience in the medical field, Baek Woo-yeol leads Youlief's endeavors. As a lecturer at Gangnam Severance Hospital and a clinical assistant professor at renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins and Severance Hospital, his expertise and dedication ensure the highest standards of skincare.


    Product Lines:

    1. 'DERMA LINE': Discover our revolutionary products formulated to address various dermatological concerns. Experience the transformative power of scientifically advanced solutions tailored to your skin's needs.


    2. 'KEY: FACE LINE': Unlock the secrets to a radiant complexion with our Key: Face Line. Jointly developed by Key of SHINee, these products are designed to be the cornerstone of your skincare routine, offering essential nourishment and protection for your skin.


    Embrace the future of anti-aging skincare with Youlief. Our unwavering commitment to research, innovation, and exceptional quality sets us apart. Experience the difference and unlock the youthful radiance you deserve.

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