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Introducing the Yepre Chest-nut Balancing Mud Stick Mask, exclusively available at SeoulSkin Australia! This facial stick mask is made of naturally derived ingredients, including chestnut, which promotes skin circulation and has the effect of converging pores. This mud stick facial mask is perfect for controlling sebum and oil in the skin, absorbing excess oil to balance the skin and help revitalize it. 


The Yepre Chest-nut Balancing Mud Stick Mask is designed to find the perfect balance of oil and moisture in your skin, without any irritation. It is excellent in restoring the broken skin balance and creating clean and fresh skin. This facial mask pack is the perfect addition to your skincare routine, helping to control sebum and oil in the skin, while keeping the perfect skin balance. 


To use the Yepre Chest-nut Balancing Mud Stick Mask, simply apply an appropriate amount of mud mask to the face, avoiding the eye and lip areas, after cleansing. Gently apply the mask and wait for 1 minute, then let the clay harden. Wash it thoroughly with water to reveal beautifully balanced, revitalized skin. 


Shop the Yepre Chest-nut Balancing Mud Stick Mask today at SeoulSkin Australia and experience the benefits of oil-moisture balance and sebum adsorption in your skincare routine. Don't forget to check out our other Korean skincare products, all carefully selected to bring you the best in beauty.

Yepre Chestnut Balancing Mud Stick Mask

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  • Ye:pre, the Korean skincare brand, believes in the power of the word "pretty" and wants you to hear it every day. With a philosophy centered around pursuing both inner and outer health, Ye:pre is a mindful clean beauty brand that aims to help you find your true beauty. 


    Rather than just temporarily improving the appearance of your skin, Ye:pre focuses on your overall wellbeing, helping your body and mind become more beautiful. The brand is committed to using vegan, cruelty-free, and natural ingredients, providing a new beauty experience that seamlessly integrates into your daily life.


    Ye:pre's brand philosophy is based on three core principles: beautiful skin, beautiful nature, and beautiful mind. The brand prioritizes natural energy originating from the earth to help boost your skin's innate power, using only mild ingredients that exclude anything harmful to the human body. As a vegan certified and EWG Green brand, Ye:pre is dedicated to clean beauty. 


    The brand also cares about the environment and is committed to protecting all lives and the natural environment on earth. Ye:pre uses recyclable and decomposable materials, participates in efforts to reduce unnecessary waste and plastic use, and ensures its ingredients are not tested on animals.


    Ye:pre studies everyday lives of consumers to provide easy-to-use, convenient home-care products that help you build a simple and uncomplicated skincare routine. The brand aims to solve your skin problems with a simple skincare routine, making your everyday life more beautiful, easy, comfortable, and quick. 


    Ye:pre believes that you are beautiful, and its goal is to help you find your true beauty.

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