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Introducing VELY VELY Pink Boosting Toner, the perfect toner to add to your daily skincare routine. As the basic formula for strong skin, this toner gently soaks into rough and dry skin to provide moisture and improve the moisture barrier. This Moisture Boosting Toner cleanses the skin texture and gives fresh moisture to tired skin with a refreshing finish.


Formulated with Cactus Toner, this moisturizing toner is designed to quench your skin's thirst and fill it with moisture. The sword cactus stem extract (10,000ppm -> 100,000ppm) in this toner provides 10 times more powerful moisture, and cactus fruit extract (pricky pear cactus) is also included for additional moisturizing benefits. This toner also contains stem components of Bogum cactus, a plant known for its excellent moisture retention properties, to help maintain skin moisturizing.


VELY VELY Pink Boosting Toner offers a moisturizing effect full of nutrients, immediately taking care of dryness and helping to absorb the next step of skincare with ease of use, even if you apply it several times. The Triple Core Care formula provides moisturizing care, moisturizing care, and comfortable soothing care, all in one.


This High-Capacity Cost-Performance Toner comes in a generous 300 ml bottle, making it perfect for daily use in the morning and evening. It is also a hypoallergenic product that has been tested for skin irritation and has a pH level of 4.8-5.8, making it a low-acid formula suitable for most skin types.


VELY VELY Pink Boosting Toner has a clear and transparent water-type texture without stickiness. To use, simply take an appropriate amount and spread it gently onto your skin to absorb it. For additional cleansing benefits, put the contents on a cotton pad and gently wipe it along your skin's texture.


Invest in VELY VELY Pink Boosting Toner for a moisturizing and soothing skincare experience, perfect for achieving smooth, healthy-looking skin.

VELY VELY Pink Boosting Toner


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