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Introducing the Vela Contour Ultra V Lifting Band - a revolutionary product that uses LSR silicon, with 3x the tensile strength of previous silicon, to provide optimal V-line and facial slimming effects. Its ergonomic design lifts the face and jawline with no discomfort to the neck. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, it reduces facial size and swelling, improves skin elasticity and saggy neck area, providing visible results. Experience a new level of effectiveness with the Vela Contour Ultra V Lifting Band.

Vela Contour Ultra V Lifting Band

  • Vela is the V care, body care brand containing all the know-how of cosmetic studies for 10 years by ANACIS.. By gathering only the products & points with the highest response throughout the drug chain,

    dermatology department, specialized skin care clinic, the new brand called Vela has been given birth to.

    Currently, it is the product being sold consistently in US, Singapore
    & Hong Kong as well as the product being promoted most often by the famous influencers in Korea.

    Vela shape – allows care per efficacious symptom in 3 stages of body slimming, body firming, & edema. 

    Vela contour – is comprised V care line including serum, mask, pack & band, allowing selective cares.

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