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For Elasticity & Moisturizing


  • TWO SHOT BROWN ALGAE: This face toner is procured from the extract from kelp in Wando Island, South Korea. Kelp has long been used for traditional skincare as its main components, namely alginic acids, fucoidan, and fucoxanthin, have gel-like properties that are great for absorbing and excreting skin waste products and for elasticity boosting, and moisturizing. 
  • REDEFINING FACIAL MOISTURIZER: Two Shot Brown Algae face toner contains several nutrients and vitamins required to maintain skin elasticity and nourishment. The presence of alginic acids and fucoxanthin helps in cleansing skin and improving moisture content. This age-defying moisturizer provides nutrition to your skin, enhances skin absorption, and helps restore your skin's original pH level. 
  • BETTER, ABSORPTION BETTER NOURISHMENT: Two Shot Brown Algae containing gel-like alginic acids with lowered molecular weight that gets easily absorbed in your skin. This face nourishment toner ensures proper and regulated skin hydration to make your skin glossier, nourished, and spotless. This gel-based skin toner is an absolute personal care product for those with dry skin 
  • EASY TO USE CRUELTY-FREE FORMULA: At NotseeBack, we are devoted to bringing you quality products without damaging the environment. Our Brown Algae face toner does not contain any synthetic additives or parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, or sulfates. The perfect personal care toner gets easily absorbed to give you shinier, more youthful, and gorgeous-looking skin.

NOTSEEBACK Two Shot Brown Algae

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  • Taking a minimalist approach to skin care, NOTSEEBACK’s single ingredient products maximize the efficacy of raw materials and tailor to different skin concerns.

    As the Korean skin care brand’s name suggests, product details are printed on the front of packaging instead of the back for easy reference.

    The 100% Korean-made products are produced using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, and without artificial additives. In addition, the formulas are all housed in eco-friendly bottles.

    Bestsellers include the One Shot Cape Aloe, the Two Shot Tangerine Vinegar and the Drop In Salmon Glycan.

    It is recommended to mix NOTSEEBACK’s products with your routine essences or face creams for more customized and effective skin care solutions. 


    SeoulSkin is an authorised distributor and retailer of NOTSEEBACK in Australia & Singapore.

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