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Runslow Triple Mushroom Ceramide Essence is a milky white essence formulation that provides a comfortable and moist base for the skin. When rolled on the skin, it spreads softly and thinly, soaking deeply to give a firm finish. It helps to maintain the oil and water balance in the skin, providing long-lasting moisturization even on rough skin.


The key ingredient in this essence is the triple mushroom complex, which includes Phellinus linteus, sparassis crispa, and tremella fuciformis extract. This complex enhances the skin's moisturizing ability, giving vitality and elasticity to rough skin to help manage it healthily. Additionally, it contains beta-glucan and veratric acid, which provide excellent antioxidant effects and deliver rich nutrition deep into the skin, resulting in healthy and smooth skin with elasticity.


Another crucial ingredient is CERA-CARE, a combination of ceramide and nanoliposome technology that reinforces the skin barrier. It connects the stratum corneum closely and helps act as a strong protective film on the skin, providing excellent moisturizing effects. With both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties, it firmly holds the skin barrier so that it does not collapse.


Lastly, the essence contains biomimetic water, a highly moisturizing and functional raw material with a skin-like structure. It is composed of components similar to those that make up the skin and is easily absorbed by the skin. This ingredient instantly supplies the active ingredients needed for the skin and helps absorb them quickly. It also draws moisture from the air to help keep the skin moisturized and strengthens the damaged skin barrier to create a healthy skin condition.


In summary, Runslow Triple Mushroom Ceramide Essence is a highly moisturizing essence that contains triple mushroom complex, CERA-CARE, and biomimetic water, all of which work together to provide a protective and moisturizing barrier for healthy and smooth skin.

Runslow Triple Mushroom Ceramide Essence

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  • Runslow is a unique and distinctive early anti-aging beauty brand that aims to help slow down the effects of time on your skin. With the tagline "Run slow can't stop time. However, my skin time can go a little slower", the brand highlights the importance of taking care of your skin early on, to maintain a youthful appearance.

    The brand is designed with a unique and distinctive aesthetic that reflects its philosophy. The name "Runslow" itself conveys the message of the brand as a "brand that helps the skin go slowly." Runslow targets the 20-30 age group and presents easy solutions for anti-aging skincare, making it accessible to everyone.

    Runslow prides itself on using safe and effective ingredients in its products, which are produced in excellent cosmetics manufacturing facilities. The brand also emphasizes that its products are practical and affordable, debunking the misconception that anti-aging products must be expensive.

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