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Introducing the Runslow Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream, a high-moisturizing cream that forms a moisturizing barrier on the skin. This white, rich cream formulation gently spreads and melts upon contact with the skin. It contains probiotic ingredients such as Bifida fermented lysate and KMX Ferment Cure, which help balance skin balance and strengthen the skin barrier. 


The cream also contains PENTAVITIN® ingredient, a "magnet for holding water" that protects the skin from drying out and moisturizes it. Additionally, there are 7 kinds of hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes, which help to moisturize both the skin and the inside.


The valuable Bifida fermented lysate is extracted carefully, and its protein, lactose, lactic acid, vitamins, and other minerals work to revitalize the skin. The complex ingredient that blends 7 types of hyaluronic acid from low molecule to high polymer, fills both the outer and inner skin of the skin, and keeps the skin moist and healthy all day long.


The ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid is easy to absorb by the skin and enhances the basic moisture in the skin. The low-molecular hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the stratum corneum, improves moisturizing power, and continuously supplies moisture to the skin epidermis. The medium molecule hyaluronic acid closely moisturizes the skin to form a thin moisturizing film and enhances moisture retention. Lastly, the polymer hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the surroundings to prevent evaporation and helps to form a moisturizing barrier.


With its melting cream formulation, the Runslow Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream gently spreads and absorbs quickly, keeping the skin moist for a long time with its high-moisturizing formula, perfect for dry and tired skin.

Runslow Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream

Expected to ship in 2 weeks or less!
  • Runslow is a unique and distinctive early anti-aging beauty brand that aims to help slow down the effects of time on your skin. With the tagline "Run slow can't stop time. However, my skin time can go a little slower", the brand highlights the importance of taking care of your skin early on, to maintain a youthful appearance.

    The brand is designed with a unique and distinctive aesthetic that reflects its philosophy. The name "Runslow" itself conveys the message of the brand as a "brand that helps the skin go slowly." Runslow targets the 20-30 age group and presents easy solutions for anti-aging skincare, making it accessible to everyone.

    Runslow prides itself on using safe and effective ingredients in its products, which are produced in excellent cosmetics manufacturing facilities. The brand also emphasizes that its products are practical and affordable, debunking the misconception that anti-aging products must be expensive.

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