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Introducing the Mongdies Soothing Powder Pact, the best soothing powder for your baby's delicate skin! Designed specifically for your little one's sensitive skin, this powder pact is EVE VEGAN certified and contains natural cornstarch powder and 4 kinds of CICA ingredients to provide soothing and moisturizing effects.


Babies can easily become warm and sweat a lot, and their diapers are constantly exposed to a humid environment. This can cause skin problems caused by moisture, but with the proper use of this powder, you can help protect your baby's skin. The powder absorbs unnecessary moisture (sweat) from your baby's skin, leaving it fresh and soft.


The Mongdies Soothing Powder Pact removes unnecessary moisture on the skin, making it a safe and soft powder pact that all moms are looking for. It is the essential condition for taking care of your baby's hip skin.


This compact compressed powder is specially designed to minimize dust-blowing, making it suitable for use without worrying about any irritants. Made from natural corn starch powder, this talc-free product is safe for your baby's delicate skin.


If you're looking for a high-quality powder pact to care for your baby's sensitive skin, look no further than Mongdies Soothing Powder Pact. Give your baby the best soothing care they deserve with this amazing product!

Mongdies Soothing Powder Pact

$33.80 Regular Price
$31.10Sale Price
  • 1.Apply as if rubbing with a soft puff on dry skin.
    *If you apply it as if you are tapping it with a puff, there may be fine dust-blowing.
    2.Can be used on all folded area such as underarms, hips, arms and legs!
    3.Dry thoroughly after bathing or washing your buttocks.