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Mongdies Soothing Gel is a premium quality baby care product that provides quick and effective cooling and soothing to your little one's delicate skin. This subacid soothing gel is EVE VEGAN certified and Derma Tested, ensuring that it contains only the safest and most effective ingredients for your baby's skin.


This soothing gel contains panthenol and hyaluronic acid, two powerful ingredients that help moisturize and soothe your baby's skin, providing lasting relief from dryness and irritation. What's more, it is 'EXCELLENT' in German Derma test and has undergone a complete skin irritation safety test, giving you peace of mind that it is gentle and safe for your baby's skin.


Mongdies Soothing Gel is made from all ingredients of EWG Green level, meaning it is free from harmful chemicals and safe for use on your baby's sensitive skin. This product also contains plenty of deep ocean water, which is known for its nourishing and hydrating properties.


With its natural fragrance, Mongdies Soothing Gel is a must-have item in your baby care routine. Use it to calm and soothe your baby's skin after bath time, diaper changes, or any time your little one needs some extra love and care. Give your baby the best with Mongdies Soothing Gel.

Mongdies Soothing Gel

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  • 1) Take the appropriate amount and gently spread on the face and neck. Apply to areas that are sensitive or reddened from time to time
    ***TIP: For sensitive and delicate skin, use it as a cool and refreshing message***

    Cautions in use
    1) In case of having side effects as following while using it, stop using it. If you keep using it, it’s getting worse. Consult a dermatologist immediately.
    (1) In case of having a side effect such as red rash, swollenness, itching or irritation while using
    2) Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar or dermatitis.
    3) Wash off immediately when it contacts eyes.
    4) Precautions for treatment and storage.
    (1) Be sure to close the cap after use.
    (2) Keep it out of the reach of children.
    (3) Avoid direct sunlight and do not keep it in high/low temperature