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Introducing Mongdies More Natural Total Solution Facial Cream - the ultimate skincare solution for radiant and healthy skin! This 5 in 1 total solution cream is formulated with 5 kinds of Peptide Complex, Squalane, Niacinamide and Adenosine to provide you with brightening, moisturizing, soothing, firm and wrinkle care.


Mongdies More Natural Total Solution Facial Cream has undergone complete skin irritation testing and has been certified by KFDA for its wrinkle improvement and whitening function. The cream contains only ingredients of EWG Green level, which means that it is safe and gentle on your skin.


This facial cream offers a comprehensive solution to all your skincare concerns. It improves wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, provides whitening effects, delivers moisture, and soothes your skin. The lightweight formula quickly absorbs into your skin and leaves you with a smooth and youthful-looking complexion.


Say goodbye to dull and tired-looking skin and hello to a healthier, brighter, and more youthful complexion with Mongdies More Natural Total Solution Facial Cream!

Mongdies More Natural Total Solution Facial Cream

  • How to use
    Apply a small amount on the desired areas need and massage into the skin. You can apply as many times as needed

    Cautions in use
    1) In case of having side effects as following while using it, stop using it. If you keep using it, it’s getting worse. Consult a dermatologist immediately.
    (1) In case of having a side effect such as red rash, swollenness, itching or irritation while using
    2) Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema or dermatitis.
    3) Wash off immediately when it contacts eyes.
    4) Precautions for treatment and storage.
    (1) Be sure to close the cap after use.
    (2) Keep it out of the reach of children.
    (3) Avoid direct sunlight and do not keep it in high/low temperature

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