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Introducing Mongdies Hip Cleanser, the perfect solution for your baby's delicate skin. This Derma Tested subacid cleanser has been specially formulated to care for your baby's hips, which are prone to irritation and rashes. 


Enriched with PREBIOME, the Mongdies Hip Cleanser provides deep moisturizing care while creating a protective barrier for the skin. It's a low-irritation bubble cleanser that is perfect for sensitive skin and has been carefully crafted with all ingredients of EWG Green level, ensuring that it's safe and gentle for your baby's delicate skin.


The Mongdies Hip Cleanser has undergone a complete skin irritation safety test, giving you the peace of mind that it's been tried and tested for your baby's safety. This subacid cleanser also helps balance the oil-water ratio of your baby's skin, preventing dryness and discomfort.


So, whether you're looking for a gentle cleanser to care for your baby's delicate skin or searching for a solution to protect your baby's hips, Mongdies Hip Cleanser is the perfect product for you. Give your baby the best care possible with Mongdies Hip Cleanser, the ultimate moisturizing and protective cleanser for your baby's sensitive skin.

Mongdies Hip Cleanser

  • How to use
    1) Take a small amount onto a shower sponge or palms. Work into a rich lather and gently rub in a massaging motion.
    2) Rinse thoroughly to leave no residue behind.
    ***TIP: After cleansing, use soothing gel, lotion or cream of Mongdies to maximize effect!***

    Cautions in use
    1) In case of having side effects as following while using it, stop using it. If you keep using it, it’s getting worse. Consult a dermatologist immediately.
    (1) In case of having a side effect such as red rash, swollenness, itching or irritation while using
    2) Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar or dermatitis.
    3) Wash off immediately when it contacts eyes.
    4) Precautions for treatment and storage.
    (1) Be sure to close the cap after use.
    (2) Keep it out of the reach of children.
    (3) Avoid direct sunlight and do not keep it in high/low temperature
    5) It is NOT a “”no-tear”” formula, please use with the self-foaming bottle so the wash stays just where you want it, and use extra care around your angel baby’s eyes