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  • LITHEMIS INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING CREAM – this hypoallergenic moisturizer for dry and oily skin helps to hydrate and smooth your skin and improve dry, irritated and sensitive skin condition. Suitable for babies from the age of 2 weeks old to adults, this is an all-rounder moisturizing lotion which is perfect for everyday use 
  • HYDRATES YOUR SKIN FROM THE INSIDE – our scientifically formulated face cream is perfect for hydrating your body all over. The product synthesizes receptors in the transdermal layer, converting them to water and fully hydrates your skin from the inside out while strengthening your skins barrier 
  • NOURISHING LOTION FOR DRY SKIN – although this moisturizing lotion is suitable for all skin types, it is particularly nourishing for dry skin thanks to its double layer hydrating action and protective barrier 
  • MULTIPLE PROACTIVE INGREDIENTS – containing a blend of shea butter, prebiotic thermal water and niacinamide as well as a range of other rich, moisturizing ingredients, this face cream will help your skin stay supple and leave you with a glowing complexion so you’re ready to face the day!

Lithemis SC Intensive Cream

PriceFrom $28.00
  • Urea , Lupine Protein , Viola Tricolor Extract , Krameria Triandra Root Extract, Arginine , Coconut Oil , Tocopherol , 4 Fatty Acids , Allantoin , Hinokitiol, Centella Asiatica Extract , Camellia Japonica Seed Oil , Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract, Hyaluronic Acid