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Experience the ultimate skin regeneration and restoration with Licorne Vitafill Ampoule Set. Specially formulated to replenish and enhance skin elasticity, this set is a game-changer in your skincare routine. Powered by the potent ingredient Idebenone, known for its remarkable anti-aging properties, it effectively inhibits the formation of melanin and combats common signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles.


The watery texture of the ampoule allows for quick absorption, delivering instant hydration and rejuvenation. Enriched with natural flower extracts, Licorne Vitafill Ampoule Set improves overall skin health, boosting vitality and radiance. Camellia extract calms inflammation and irritation while maintaining moisture levels, while rosemary protects the skin against free radicals and enhances complexion. Calendula brings its anti-inflammatory properties to soothe redness and discomfort, while chamomile softens and brightens the skin, reducing inflammation. Geranium boosts the skin's health and natural glow, completing the comprehensive benefits of this ampoule set.


Transform your skincare routine with Licorne Vitafill Ampoule Set and embrace a revitalized, youthful complexion that defies time.

Licorne Vitafill Ampoule Set

  • Introducing Licorne Premium Range: Unleash the Power of Vitafill and Salmon DNA


    Experience the epitome of luxury and efficacy with Licorne's Premium Range, featuring the transformative power of Vitafill and Salmon DNA. Designed for those seeking the ultimate skincare experience, these products are crafted to deliver exceptional results while catering to even the most delicate skin types.


    Vitafill: Unveil Radiant Vibrance


    Indulge your skin with Vitafill, a potent yet gentle formula specially curated to rehabilitate and revive your skin's condition, revealing a luminous and vibrant complexion. Packed with the goodness of vitamin C, Vitafill works wonders for skin disorders, infusing energy and vitality into your skin. Say goodbye to freckles and blemishes as Vitafill evens out your skin tone, leaving you with a flawless and radiant glow. With its superior hydration properties, it addresses dehydration and nurtures sensitive and delicate skin types. Experience the magic of Vitafill, which is four times more effective than traditional vitamin C, providing a compact anti-aging effect that relaxes the skin from within. Bid farewell to fine lines and wrinkles as Vitafill promotes a healthy, well-balanced skin structure, restoring youthful resilience and vitality.


    Salmon DNA: Reveal Beauty, Protect Grace


    Unlock the secrets of timeless beauty with Salmon DNA, a premium skincare solution that delicately caters to even the most fragile skin types. Harnessing the power of biocompatible and heat-resistant ingredients, Salmon DNA generates a lively pinkish hue, imparting a luminous and even skin tone. Enriched with omega-3, it effectively treats eye bags and brightens the complexion, while enhancing skin elasticity for a firm and supple appearance. Protect your skin from external aggressors and prevent premature aging with Salmon DNA's regenerative properties. Rebuilding skin barriers and providing deep hydration, it ensures optimal skin health and protection. Let your skin defy time and radiate with the grace of Salmon DNA.


    With Licorne's Premium Range, you can embrace a skincare experience like no other. These luxurious products combine the power of Vitafill and Salmon DNA to deliver remarkable results while nourishing and protecting your skin. Elevate your skincare routine to new heights and experience the pinnacle of beauty with Licorne's premium offerings.

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