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Uncover the secret to balanced and beautiful skin with La Dôlf Pure Phagy Cream Rx. Our research on pore build-up and its solution revealed the key to minimizing pores lies in stabilizing sebum components.


With the potent combination of phytosterol, squalane, and ceramide NP, our cream reduces pore enlargement caused by sebum composition imbalance and excess sebum production. Say goodbye to skin problems caused by excessive sebum production, as our cream contains Hamamelis Virginiana Extract and Portulaca Oleracea Extract, renowned for their anti-sebum inhibiting properties.


Witness the transformation with our clinically tested Pure Phagy Cream Rx, showing a 36.32% improvement in pore density, 44.31% improvement in total pore volume, and 18.36% improvement in blackheads.

La Dôlf Pure Phagy Cream Rx

  • At La Dôlf, we believe in the true essence of skincare, focusing on the principle of efficacy to heal and nurture damaged skin caused by various factors.

    Inspired by the energy of Hawaii's oldest island of Kauai, we extract highly-effective raw materials from nature to create the best skincare products with a scientific approach.

    Our commitment to efficacy and all-natural ingredients sets us apart, and we aim to provide a supreme skincare experience that leaves a lasting impression.


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