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Experience the transformative power of Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Lotion, a hydrating lotion that will revolutionize your skincare routine. Specially formulated with natural moisturizing agents and herbal extracts, this lotion harmoniously balances your skin's moisture and oil levels, while fortifying your skin barrier for a dewy, glowing radiance.


Key Features:


1. Deep Hydration and Healing: The innovative blend of exosome, liposome components, and hyaluronic acid complex penetrate deep within your skin's layers, providing intense hydration, healing damaged skin, and leaving a refreshing finish.


2. Skin Fortification: Experience the power of a rich moisture barrier that locks in hydration, protecting your skin from external stressors and environmental factors.


3. Natural Extracts for Soothing and Moisturizing: Harness the soothing and moisturizing benefits of natural extracts, which work together to nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin, revealing a youthful and healthy complexion.


4. Advanced Liposome Technology: Our liposome technology ensures effective delivery of active ingredients to the dermal layer, maximizing absorption and enhancing the effectiveness of the lotion.


5. Discoloration and Spot Reduction: Gradually fade discolorations and spots while preventing melanin production, resulting in a more even and radiant skin tone.


6. Clean and Worry-Free Formulation: At Dermafirm, we prioritize your skin's health and safety. Our products are free from 20 harmful chemicals, allergens, preservatives, parabens, and artificial colors. Experience worry-free skincare with our GREEN Label, showcasing the highest product safety through natural formulation.


Primary Ingredients and Benefits:


- Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract: Known as the "sacred lotus," this potent antioxidant extract promotes healing, balances oil and moisture, and enhances elasticity for youthful and healthy skin.


- Ceramide NP: A natural lipid that hydrates and protects the skin from external environmental factors.


- Six Types of Hyaluronic Acid: Thoroughly moisturize your skin with a combination of hyaluronic acids, each with different molecular sizes. Achieve optimal moisture balance, internal and external hydration, and improved skin texture.


- Panthenol: This skin-conditioning vitamin, also known as ProVitamin B5, helps regenerate healthy skin, locks in moisture, and enhances the skin barrier.


- Betaine: A plant-based moisturizer that quickly absorbs into the skin, maintaining optimal moisture balance.


- Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1: Stimulates collagen production, repairs visible skin damage, and minimizes wrinkles, improving overall skin texture.


- Protection Against Environmental Damage: Shield your skin from pollution, sun exposure, and natural aging processes with powerful antioxidants.


- Allantoin: A hypoallergenic plant extract that moisturizes, smooths, and protects the skin from irritants.


- Squalane: Fight skin damage and free radicals with this powerful antioxidant while hydrating, softening, and soothing redness in the skin.


- Niacinamide: Correct dark, uneven spots, and brighten your skin tone with this vitamin B3 derivative.


- Adenosine: Improve cell regeneration, minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles, and restore elasticity for youthful-looking skin.


Unlock the secrets to ultimate hydration and radiant skin with Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Lotion. Embrace the transformative power of this extraordinary skincare solution and indulge in a renewed, rejuvenated complexion. Experience the Dermafirm difference today.


Dermafirm RX Hydra Exosome Lotion

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  • DERMAFIRM provides high-quality, high-performance
    derma skincare products based on our exclusive liposome technology and production infrastructure.

    The brand offers a wide range of products for highly sensitive skin, dry or blemished skin, flushed skin, anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, and clinic use, all made with functional raw materials researched and developed by DERMAFIRM.



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