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RX Bio Exosome Ampoule Sulfur AC is a medical and professional-grade treatment that promotes the recovery of troubled skin by controlling excess sebum, balancing moisture, and stimulating collagen-driven skin repair and regeneration. 


Experience the power of medical-grade skincare with Dermafirm RX Bio Exosome Ampoule Sulfur AC. This advanced treatment is specially formulated to promote the recovery of troubled skin, providing a comprehensive solution for excess sebum control, moisture balance, and collagen-driven skin repair and regeneration. 


Harnessing the cutting-edge technology of Dermafirm's special exosome formula, combined with a proprietary blend of highly anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing ingredients, the Purifying AC Exosome line restores skin health and radiance.


Key Features:


1. Clinically Proven Results: In a rigorous clinical trial, Exosome Sulfur AC demonstrated exceptional effectiveness, boasting a 350% increase in anti-inflammatory properties, a remarkable 756% reduction in wrinkles, and an impressive 160% enhancement in regenerative effects.


2. Sebum Regulation and Impurity Removal: This treatment effectively controls excess sebum production and eliminates impurities, all without irritating the skin. Achieve a balanced and purified complexion.


3. Moisture-Balancing and Strengthening: The innovative formula optimizes the balance between oil and water, fortifying the skin's natural barrier. Expect improved hydration levels and enhanced protection.


4. Skin Repair and Blemish Soothing: Experience the revitalizing benefits as this treatment aids in the skin's self-repair process and soothes blemishes that could lead to scarring. Promote a clearer and healthier-looking complexion.


5. Natural Plant-Derived Ingredients: Infused with a blend of botanical extracts, this ampoule moisturizes and enhances skin elasticity, minimizes pores, and brightens the overall skin tone. Revel in the radiance of rejuvenated skin.


6. Professional Meso Device Compatibility: Amplify the effectiveness of the treatment by using it in conjunction with a professional Meso device or an absorption-inducing device.


7. Trusted Formulation: Dermafirm prides itself on utilizing safe ingredients, offering worry-free products that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, preservative-free, and free from harsh chemicals or artificial colors. Our commitment to quality and safety is reinforced by Dermafirm's GREEN Label, which guarantees the highest level of product safety through natural formulations that are entirely free of 20 harmful chemicals, allergens, and preservatives.


Primary Ingredients and Benefits:


- Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract (Cica): Rich in antioxidants, Cica aids in healing wounded skin and supporting the skin's natural barrier. It soothes and protects the skin from external damage.


- Gluconolactone: A naturally occurring polyhydroxy acid (PHA), Gluconolactone gently exfoliates, allowing the skin to regulate moisture content better. It improves skin texture and appearance while promoting the efficacy of other ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin due to its gentle nature compared to AHA and BHA.


- Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM): Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, MSM reduces redness and inflammation, repairs and strengthens the skin through collagen production, and shields the skin from external irritants. It also helps balance moisture, remove dead skin cells, and smoothen skin texture.


- Allantoin: Derived from plants, Allantoin moisturizes and smoothes the skin while protecting it from irritants.


- Panthenol: Also referred to as ProVitamin B5, Panthenol conditions the skin, promoting healthy skin regeneration, moisture retention, and an enhanced skin barrier.


Unleash the potential of your troubled skin with Dermafirm RX Bio Exosome Ampoule Sulfur AC. Elevate your skincare routine to professional standards and experience remarkable transformation.

Dermafirm RX Bio Exosome Ampoule Sulfur AC

  • DERMAFIRM provides high-quality, high-performance
    derma skincare products based on our exclusive liposome technology and production infrastructure.

    The brand offers a wide range of products for highly sensitive skin, dry or blemished skin, flushed skin, anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, and clinic use, all made with functional raw materials researched and developed by DERMAFIRM.



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