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A hypoallergenic toner with multiple skin care functions. Moisturises skin with Intraon ingredients for a long time after used. Offers skin balance with pH control and moisturising. Tightens pores with naturally-derived ingredients from Alps. Controls sebum secretion with SCAXEL Core Ingredients. Soothes skin and reduces skin redness with Peppermint Leaves Extract – Polyphenol. Reduces sebum and inflammation with Epilobium Fleischeri Extract which also is ECOCERT certified. Offers anti-oxidation and hydration to skin with Tricolour Viola Flower Extract. 

Acleon Seboderm Clarifying Toning Lotion

  • Epilobium fleischeri , Polyphenol , Asiaticoside 40% , Aloevera , Pine tree , Green tea , Peppermint Dipotassium glycyrrhizate , Citrus junox fruit , Willow bark , Diospyros kaki , Artemisia annaua Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate , Tricolor viola flower , Ceramide, Panthenol , Allantoin , Arginine

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